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We handle any job from large industrial to creative residential jobs.

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Food Service

We specialize in stainless steel restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment. With some of the best designers, builders, and inspectors, we see to it that your food service needs are met.


We create unique designs specifically for your industrial needs. You will always get a completed project that is sustainable and contains high standards of craftsmanship.


We understand that the medical industry employs some of the most dedicated and productive staff. Our high quality products and maintenance keep those ideals in mind.


Our clients have shown us how innovative and unique their requests can be. Let us help you design something durable, eye-catching, and timeless for your home.


LSV Metals has been a manufacturer of high quality, stainless steel custom fabricated commercial kitchen equipment for over four decades. Our established company has a vast array of products that have been created throughout the years and we have found that limits can be overcome. We enjoy helping our customers with their fabrication and installation needs whether it is for their business or personal home.

As a full-service NSF stainless steel fabricator for the food service industry, LSV Metals fully understands the weight of your decision and has built an experienced team to fulfill your custom metal fabrication needs. We pride ourselves in taking every necessary step to ensure that we meet or surpass our customers’ expectations.

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LSV Metals, Inc.

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From the very beginning, the goal of LSV Metals is to give our customers value beyond compare. We do that by combining the highest quality products, coupled with exceptional customer service. Our staff, from our estimating department to our shipping and install specialists, and everyone in between, works hard to make sure your project is completed in a timely and comprehensive fashion.

Give us a call and see why our customers all agree that we offer the best service in the industry.

Metal fabricators for over four decades.
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